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Washington Trout: Preserve, Protect, Restore
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Primary Office Location
15629 Main Street NE (physical address only)
P.O. Box 402
Duvall, WA
. 98019
Fax 425-788-9634

Olympia Office



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Kurt Beardslee, Executive Director click to email

Candace Beardslee, Retail Manager click to email

Thomas Buehrens, Biologist click to email

Tyler Cluverius, Outreach & Development Coordinator click to email

David Crabb, Field Biologist click to email

John Crandall, Biologist click to email

Eliot Drucker, Director of Science & Research (Physiology) click to email

Nick Gayeski, Aquatic Ecologist click to email

Jamie Glasgow, Director of Science & Research (Ecology) click to email

Nick Haldeman, GIS Analyst click to email

Mark Hersh, Water Quality Specialist click to email

Ted Labbe, Ecologist click to email

Casey Ralston, Education Coordinator click to email

Terri Shell, Office Manager / Bookkeeper click to email

Frank Staller, Field Biologist click to email

Audrey Thompson, Biologist click to email

Brent Trim, Biologist click to email

Ramon Vanden Brulle, Conservation Analyst click to email

Micah Wait, Conservation Ecologist click to email

Mary Lou White, Biologist / Project Manager click to email