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Washington Trout: Preserve, Protect, Restore
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Since 1989, WFC has won important victories for the Northwest’s wild fish through our commitment to scientifically sound research, restoration, and advocacy. Wild Fish Conservancy is working hard every day to protect and restore some of the Northwest’s most recognizable, treasured, and threatened natural resources – our wild fish and the healthy ecosystems they need to survive. But we can’t do it alone. Become a member of Wild Fish Conservancy today and join the effort to create a future for our wild fish.


WFC offers two ways to be a member through our Monthly Giving Program and revised annual membership program. And while we have implemented a new system of membership levels and benefits, either way you go there is still no minimum to join; you choose how much and how often you want to contribute to WFC. Members of the Monthly Giving Programpledge to make a monthly donation to WFC or if you prefer to renew your membership on an annual basis, simply choose your level!


By participating in the Monthly Giving Program, you will join a special group of Wild Fish Conservancy members who provide critical support by making donations on a monthly basis. You can change your donation at any time and by allowing you to spread out your donation over a period of time, it is even easier to give. WFC can automatically process your tax-deductible credit card donation, making the whole process simpler and more convenient for you.


Or if you prefer making annual donations, your tax-deductible contribution at any level will give you a membership with Wild Fish Conservancy. Membership benefits include:





Wetland Membership $1-34


Creek Membership $35


River Membership $50


Estuary Membership $150


Sound Membership $350


Ocean Membership $500





Club Membership $150


Business $250


Corporate $1,000





Wild Fish Conservancy is very excited to announce our newest membership groups, the Patrons Circle and the Benefactors Circle. Members of the Patrons Circle and Benefactors Circle form a core group of dedicated and visionary individuals committed to WFC’s mission and programs.


Patrons Circle: $1,000


Benefactors Circle: $5,000


Fifteen years ago, a committed group of wild fish advocates from around the state came together to create a strong, science-based voice for preserving and restoring the Northwest’s wild fish and their habitats. Today we are facing a critical juncture of momentum for wild fish recovery – awareness, planning, implementation, restoration, monitoring, and unfortunately, reduced state, agency, and foundation financial support. From one lone staff member in 1989 to a staff of seventeen dedicated and accomplished scientists, researchers, technicians, educators, and advocates, Wild Fish Conservancy has grown to address the challenges facing wild fish recovery and proven itself to be a voice for wild fish. Help us build and maintain the momentum for wild fish recovery – join or renew your membership today. Thank you.



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Wild Fish Conservancy works to address all factors that have contributed to wild salmon declines and may impact their recovery, including habitat preservation and restoration, commercial and sport harvest management, and hatchery practices. WFC conducts and disseminates research on the status and recovery needs of wild fish, advocates for needed resource management changes, and designs and implements model habitat-restoration projects.



      Wild Fish Conservancy advocates for scientifically sound hatchery practice and management state-wide, to restore fish passage and reduce other site and genetic impacts of artificial production programs.



Wild Fish Conservancy conducts stream-typing surveys and has corrected the misidentification of over 5000 fish-bearing streams.


Wild Fish Conservancy continually challenges regional resource-management agencies to place the highest priority on protecting the biological needs of wild salmon and their habitats. 



Wild Fish Conservancy responds to reports of environmental violations, evaluates sites, and lobbies relevant agencies to initiate enforcement action.



Wild Fish Conservancy works with communities to conduct surveys to identify fish-passage barriers and then remove barriers to restore fish passage.



Wild Fish Conservancy field crews are out in the field almost everyday conducting cutting-edge research projects that help identify the needs of wild fish. Research projects include underwater videography, snorkel surveys, spawning surveys, and pre-spawn mortality studies.



Wild Fish Conservancy coordinates the Environmental Discovery Program – a classroom and field-based environmental education program for 4th and 5th grade students that emphasizes the importance of native plants, animals, and ecosystems. WFC also gives educational and outreach presentation to community and school groups of all ages.