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Washington Trout: Preserve, Protect, Restore
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Wild Fish Conservancy Outreach



Environmental Discovery Program:

Wild Fish Conservancy is the coordinating organization for the Environmental Discovery Program, a hands-on classroom and field-based environmental education program that brings students from Seattle and the surrounding areas out to Oxbow Farm, an organic farm located between Duvall and Carnation on SR 203. The Environmental Discovery Program targets 4th and 5th grade classes and emphasizes the importance of native plants, native animals, and healthy ecosystems through exploratory games and activities.


The Hidden Cost of Salmon Farming

Salmon farming is the largest aquaculture industry in the world. BC ranks fourth in the world behind Norway, Chile, and the UK. While the industry grew much quicker in BC than Washington State, the farms pose a number of hidden and unknown costs to wild salmon, the surrounding marine environment, and even human health.


Clean Water for Salmon Toolkit

Produced by the Clean Water for Salmon Network, the toolkit provides fact sheets, information resources, and organizing tips to assist community members working to get their city or county to adopt pesticide policies that are protective of salmon, water quality, and human health. This action kit gives local folks a strong base for initiating a pesticide reform campaign in their community.


Enforcing Environmental Laws

To gain an in-depth understanding of the problems of enforcing environmental laws, read Daniel Jack Chasan’s The Rusted Shield.


Future of the Clean Water Act

“30th Anniversary Finds Clean Water Act in Jeopardy”, Environment News Service

“Bush Administration Policy Threatens Clean Water, Says New Report”, Environmental News Network