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JFE Snoqualmie Floodplain Projects

Washington Trout has received funding from the WDNR Jobs for the Environment program to implement several projects in the Snoqualmie River floodplain during winter and spring 2001. Funds were awarded for the design of a side-channel reconnection project on Cherry Creek, a major tributary in the

WT Field-Tech Frank Staller uses a fyke net to sample fish-species composition and relative abundance in a wetland pond in the floodplain of Cherry Creek, a major lower-Snoqualmie tributary.

lower Snoqualmie River floodplain; to monitor riparian vegetation and fish distribution in the WDFW Cherry Valley Wildlife Unit; to map mainstem Snoqualmie bank conditions and instream features; and to plant and maintain native vegetation at Washington Trout’s Griffin Creek and Weiss Creek restorationites.