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Pygmy Whitefish near Chester Morse Resevoir


On December 4th 2001, Washington Trout staff were given an extraordinary opportunity to observe and photo-document one of Washington's most rare and treasured fishes, the pygmy whitefish, while in its natural habitat.  Since the pygmy whitefish is not pursued for sport or commercial use, very little is known about this elegant, small creature (a mere 5" to 10" in length at maturity).  Humans rarely see these fish since they spend the majority of their lives deep in lakes and come to the riverbed only to spawn. 


We want to thank Bill Belknap who notified us about the Pygmy whitefish sighting and  Seattle Public Utilities for allowing us access to the sight within the Chester Morse Watershed.  For us at Washington Trout, just knowing that elusive creatures like the pygmy whitefish are still with us, a minute thread in the complex fabric of life, gives us a sense of peace and comfort and we are grateful for the opportunity. 

Download Windows Media Player Here



Upper Cedar River habitat where Pygmy Whitefish were observed.


Kurt Beardslee, Executive Director, installing video camera.


Jamie Glasgow, Science and Research Director, viewing remote video monitor.